Metabolic Stimulation with PEMF Therapy

When you supply your body with an optimal amount of energy, it will become stronger and better able to resist diseases and stay healthy. If the cells are healthy, the body is healthy as well.


Cell damage can occurs when cells lack the energy they need, making their function impaired. If this state continues, organs and glands become weak and the body is more prone to catching diseases.

Health and Fitness with Parmeds PEMF

Parmeds Pulsating electromagnetic Fields helps activate and boost metabolism and circulation in order to improve your health and fitness. After the body has been restored to its optimal state, the PEMF helps preserve fitness and physical strength.

With the Parmeds PEMF system, you can reach an optimum state of health and fitness. More energy will be produced and your body's natural healing powers will be activated, improving your quality of life.