Metabolic Stimulation with PEMF Therapy

PEMF penetrates deep inside the body and can influence the metabolism of cells, as it induces electrical changes inside bones and cells.


As a result, blood circulation improves and oxygenation and nutrient transport are increased.

This helps to increase detoxification processes, get rid of waste materials, and regenerate cells.


With PEMF you can supply the cells with an optimal amount of energy to boost metabolism and general fitness, and strengthen your body.

Metabolic Stimulation with Parmeds PEMF

We received the following email from a therapist who used the Parmeds system to improve her health:

My own health status has been dreadful over the space of 12 years because of a serious poisoning and I have worked and studied in complementary and alternative medicine to help improve this. Main stream medicine and drugs regimes have not provided answers, nor given me confidence.

Since beginning my treatments with Parmeds PEMFT my health status has soared and I am looking forward to the time when I can claim that I am healthy again, despite the passing of 12 years of ruination!

I am stronger, have more vitality and flexibility and my pain has dramatically reduced. I have been walking, swimming, cycling and even jogging. My dentist was amazed at my healthy condition and the excellent state of my jaw and teeth. I had not seen him for over a year because I was too debilitated for the chair!

My doctor is also amazed at my apparent healthiness and brilliant vital signs.

Just thought you would like to have this information at hand.

Jian Rider, Therapist UK