Parmeds/Curatron FLASH PEMF Systems

The ultimate pain relief with high intensity PEMF devices, for immediate results!

The Parmeds Multi-Flash, Premium-Flash and Ultra-Flash devices are very high intensity PEMF impulse machines. Pulses are completely electronically controlled by high voltage solid state semiconductor technology and no parts need to be replaced, making the units completely service free, like all other Parmeds models. ​

The Parmeds Flash units have 10 internal computer controlled programs offering a wide choice for various treatment possibilities. The 10 built-in computer controlled programs offer superior flexibility including for use of a wide range of PEMF impulse applications.

The multipurpose coil can be used both as a regular coil and folded as a butterfly coil.

Parmeds Multi-FLASH 4000 Gauss PEMF System

The MULTI-FLASH is ideal for HOME use and for smaller clinical settings offering basic PEMF impulse therapy. This system is very competitively priced compared to other “similar” 4000 Gauss systems, while offering many more features!

Parmeds Premium-FLASH 7000 Gauss PEMF System

The Parmeds Premium-Flash generates super high intensities of up to 7,000 Gauss.

Parmeds Ultra-FLASH > 10,000 Gauss PEMF System

The Parmeds Ultra-Flash generates super high intensities of > 10,000 Gauss, making it the machine of choice for professionals.

All Flash impulse devices work with maintenance free solid state technology. ​


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