Parmeds/Curatron Home PEMF System

Wellness and Therapy Home System

The Parmeds universal Home Therapy & Wellness system combines therapy and wellness applications.
It already includes 5 different programs for Therapy and 5 different programs for Wellness. 

The Parmeds home device is ideal for:

Therapy applications

  • Excellent Pain Relief

  • Arthritis Pain Relief

  • Sports Injuries

  • Osteoporosis Therapy

  • Fracture Healing

  • Fibromyalgia

Parmeds PEMF home system

Parmeds PEMF home system

Wellness applications

  • Lower Stress levels

  • Better Fitness & Performance

  • Anti Aging

  • Improve Sleep

  • Speedy Recovery After Injuries

  • Metabolic Stimulation

  • Relaxation

Parmeds PEMF handheld probe

Parmeds PEMF handheld probe

When using the Parmeds PEMF system regularly you will find it an ideal way to improve and maintain better health and feel fit. It does not matter if your work is demanding either physically or mentally, if you are actively engaging in sport or not, if you are healthy or not, by applying the Parmeds Therapy & Wellness system you will enjoy faster regeneration, increased fitness and substantial improvement in your quality of life. Even if you suffer from a chronic disease for many years already, you will experience positive results and recovery. 

The Parmeds Home system includes a whole body therapy mattress and a smaller therapy pad. Optional is a handheld probe for local PEMF applications, specifically when you do not want to treat surrounding areas.

Application of the therapy pad is for e.g. arms, legs, hips, spine or shoulders etc.
The mattress is preferred for use on the whole body e.g. osteoporosis therapy, improvement of sleep, relaxation, stress relief, detox and improving whole body circulation and oxygenation etc.