Parmeds ProSE/Curatron XPSE

Parmeds Pro Special Edition PEMF Therapy System, our Best Seller!

Looking for a universal model with speedy and excellent results? Go for our best seller: the Parmeds Pro device and obtain very substantial pain relief, whatever the source of your pain!

The Parmeds Pro is the most popular PEMF device for health care professionals and home care therapy for people who want the best at home. The latest state-of-the-art technology is used to generate Frequency Modulated Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) under control of proven and advanced software algorithms.

The Parmeds Pro system excels in fast pain relief and has been proven to be enormously beneficial even for chronic pain relief.

Parmeds PEMF pro system

Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, which in turn activates and regenerates cells. Peripheral oxygenation is much improved using this professional, high-intensity system, resulting in superior therapy efficacy.

Arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain sufferers report almost immediate pain relief!

Clear proof exists that increased bone density is obtained in osteoporosis, which results in decrease of fracture risk. Bone growth is stimulated and this results in proper bone healing.