Parmeds Ultra (Curatron 3D)

Parmeds 3D Ultra Clinical PEMF System

The Parmeds Ultra system offers the highest PEMF intensity in combination with a 3-dimentional 50 milli Tesla high intensity full body mattress.

The PEMF envelopes and penetrates the whole body completely in all 3 axes (length, width and height). The PEMF Ultra system is for very demanding clinical applications where instant results are expected both by the therapist and patient.

3-D electromagnetic field explained

Electromagnetic field distribution of a single flat coil
PEMF distribution of a single flat coil

Electromagnetic field distribution of a single flat coil

At the left side of the picture is a typical electromagnetic field for one of the flat coils placed inside a therapy applicator. It can easily be seen that as you move away from the coil the pulsed electromagnetic field decreases in intensity. This means that even though the pulsed magnetic field will completely penetrate the body some "dead" areas do occur as demonstrated in the picture at the right side.

The regular Parmeds therapy mattress contains 8 large coils inside, which are all activated simultaneously. The Parmeds mattress contains large coils to obtain reduction of the "dead" zone effect as much as possible and to get an even distribution of PEMFs as far as technicaly possible.

In practice the "dead" zone effect has no influence on the efficacy of the therapy because people do move during the treatment. When treatments are repeated this effect will be eliminated almost completely, because nobody will lie on the mattress in exactly the same position as during previous therapy sessions.


The picture to the right shows the distribution effect of the PEMF but it has been visually exaggerated in order to easily understand the principle of the so called “dead” zones .

PEMF standard therapy mattress with multiple coils

Standard therapy mattress with multiple coils

The Parmeds Ultra PEMF system



For immediate therapy success during clinical applications, a revolutionary 3-D mattress concept has been developed to work together with the Parmeds Ultra PEMF system and as such completely eliminates the “dead” zone effect and generates ultra high intensity PEMF’s.

The patient is now treated with very high electromagnetic intensity, which can be felt easily with the supplied test magnet, even significantly far away from the 3-D mattress. The patients's complete body is literally "bathed" by these very strong pulsed electromagnetic fields.

The Parmeds Ultra-power system is absolutely superior for virtually immediate pain relief and offer fantastic results for therapy of e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

The 3-D mattress generates 50 milli Tesla (= 500 Gauss) at the same time over the complete surface of the mattress. This warrants superior penetration through all tissue, cells and bones deep inside the body. This very high intensity pulsing electromagnetic field is still very powerful 20 inches (50 cm) above the complete mattress area and even further!

Patients are completely relaxed while being treated on top of the 3-D mattress and effective therapy results are obtained.

The Parmeds Ultra PEMF system generates a pulsed magnetic field intensity of 50 milli Tesla with the 3-D mattress.


Alternatively two 25 milli Tesla high power mattresses can be used instead of one 50 milli Tesla 3-D mattress.


There are two versions of the system:

System A consists of:

  • Parmeds Ultra 3-D system complete with one 3-D mattress (50 milli Tesla = 500 Gauss)


System B consists of:

  • Parmeds Ultra system complete with two high power mattresses (each 25 milli Tesla = 250 Gauss)

The Parmeds Ultra unit has 2 outputs for easy connection of 2 applicators working simultaneously. In addition also other combinations of professional applicators can be connected to the Parmeds Ultra system.