PEMF Systems

Parmeds PEMF Systems overview 

How does PEMF Therapy work?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields work by stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue and speeding up the body's natural healing processes.

Pulsating electromagnetic fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell, which in turn increases circulation and oxygenation and improves transport of nutrients and blood supply. In addition, increased calcium transport stimulates the repair and growth of cartilage while greatly decreasing pain.

PEMF improves blood supply
Parmeds PEMF therapy system

Parmeds systems run without a laptop or PC, and contain 10 Master programs (each divided again into sub-programs) which run automatically. For compiling your own programs you will need a PC or Laptop, which will connect to the unit. The computer technology allows for the possibility of collecting feedback information, while analyzing and monitoring the signal during the entire treatment session.

Parmeds systems include:

  • A choice of 4 Different models

  • Whole body therapy

  • Superior speed of induction

  • Square gated sine wave carrier frequency

  • Synchronized zero crossing pulses

  • High & Low intensities

  • Feel the pulses with a simple magnet

  • Frequencies > 25 Hz

  • Automatic frequency changing => No body adaptation

  • Superior for pain relief

  • Full body mattress

  • Therapy pad

  • High intensity coil

  • Very high intensity coil

  • All pads made of imitation leather

  • Lightweight aluminum handheld probe

  • Easy to use - No training required

  • PC & laptop connection

  • Create & Save your own programs with PC software

  • CE & ISO 13485 certified

  • 5-Year extended warranty

  • Fantastic value for money