Probe for local PEMF applications

For treatment of pemf on very small areas, where deep penetration is required but without applying the pulsed electromagnetic field to surrounding tissue, a small probe is required. 

These kinds of probes usually contain a coil scattering the magnetic field around because of the probe's construction. The field is distributed mainly around the probe and only a small amount of the generated intensity is actually emitted from the tip of the probe.

Field distribution with probe

As a result, degeneration of the PEMF is so large that the energy still reaching deep into the body is negligible, specially when the intensity generated by the PEMF device is already low in the first place.

To be effective the pulsed electromagnetic fields need to be directed from the top of the probe into the body, which requirs concentration of the PEMF towards the top.

Parmeds PEMF probe

The Parmeds PEMF probe is manufactured for very local therapy like sinusitis, osteomyelitis of jaw bones, dental work, or in short in case the therapist is not interested in treatment of the surrounding areas.


Excellent for acupuncture treatment and enhances the effect when also treatment takes place with acupuncture needles. 

The flat surface at the tip of the probe has a diameter of 0.7” (19 mm) and can be applied directly to the area to be treated with a high pulsed electromagnetic intensity of up to 10 milli Tesla (100 Gauss). 

The Parmeds probe emits a unique 3 dimensional focused (3D) pulsed electromagnetic field and the highest PEMF density is concentrated immediately in front of the probe.

The picture shows the PEMF intensity distribution where the strongest field is white/yellow which changes towards blue the further away from the probe. 


This design allows for very effective and deep penetration through the skin. When used for acupuncture high intensity transfer through acupuncture points makes application very effective.  Use of the Parmeds probe can make use of needles superfluous, which is an advantage when treating children and adults who do not wish application of needles. Sterilization is also not required.

Parmeds probe magnetic field