Safety of PEMF Devices

This is what you need to know about safety of PEMF devices

To know which PEMF device it is first important to know if the device meets all international specifications for safety according to Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) for medical devices.

For a manufacturer to obtain ISO 13485 and CE certification specific requirements for a quality management system and technical documentation must be met. A yearly audit by an independent Notified Body of the manufacturing facilities takes place and only if all requirements are met, the manufacturer may place the CE marking on their devices and certificates are issued or renewed.

Safety of PEMF

There are devices on the market which make use of an external power supply connected to the mains and not only makes this the device less reliable but worse: a short circuit in the cable between the power supply and the device will heat up the power supply and it will burn out with all the dangers implied.

Here are some additional safety features for the Parmeds devices:

  • The coils inside the therapy pad and mattress are not only double isolated but in addition hermetically sealed and waterproof. Any form of danger of contact between electricity and the user of the Parmeds PEMF device has been made impossible. Protection of the user against electrical currents running inside the coils is absolute.

  • The coils do electrically "float" and even if the applicator is pierced with a metal object while in use no electrical current can flow between the device and yourself.

  • Even if the electrical output of the device will be short cicuited directly to the coils, neither the coils nor the device will be damaged.

  • The software inside the professional systems detect if an applicator is not properly connected and the device will show a warning signal and automatically switch off the output energy. 

  • When a Parmeds device is under control of a personal computer or laptop the controls on the device itself are automatically disabled preventing any possibility for a mistake made by the user.

Find out all about the safety of the device you plan to buy carefully and only purchase from a manufacturer complying with the safety standards for medical devices and not only for general electrical safety!