PEMF for Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances affect up to half of the general population. Although it in normal to have trouble falling asleep every now and again, some people suffer from constant insomnia, affecting everyday activities up to the point that it becomes a serious problem.

Some of the causes of insomnia are stress and anxiety, and it is therefore crucial to try and treat these symptoms in addition to treating insomnia so sleeping habits become better. Among the symptoms accompanying sleep disturbances are difficulty falling asleep and waking up during the night without being able to go back to sleep. Lack of sleep also makes one feel irritable and drained of energy, which mat lead to trouble concentrating when you are at work or during your daily routine.

PEMF for insomnia
PEMF therapy for Sleep Disturbances

It is recommended to try and relax before going to bed, and trying to reduce the stress in your general life. PEMF has been reported to stimulate the pineal gland in the brain, encouraging the production of melatonin, a neural hormone related to reduced sleep problems and anti-stress. Pulsed electro magnetic Field therapy helps with relaxation and improves sleep quality. The Parmeds PEMF system will make you feel energized and induce a general feeling of well-being. This safe method will help you improve your sleeping habits and prevent stress.