Stress Relief with PEMF

Stress is a growing problem worldwide. Demanding situations leave all of us tense and irritable, but stress affects people in different ways. When one is mentally are stressed, the body is affected as well.

Insomnia, headaches, anxiety, irritability, depression, and pain are just some of the symptoms triggered by stress. It can affect different organs, and cause higher blood pressure and muscle tension.

A lot of things can help with managing stress: exercising, meditating, and different relaxation techniques. 

PEMF Therapy for Relaxation

Electromagnetic Fields have been used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression since the 1970's. Take a break and lie down on the Parmeds whole body mat while reading a book or watching TV. Many people feel renewed vitality and energy after using the Parmeds system.

My Parmeds arrived TODAY! That is incredibly fast.
Thank you so much; thanks so much to those people in Israel!!!
I have had my first session. It definitely had an effect that was good, but hard to describe! I felt relaxed and drowsy, like all my systems were kind of stunned, asking, so what was THAT? I look forward to continuing.
Also--I want to tell you, as an aside, that I like its design: I like that its small, compact, I like the circle of green dots indicating it's working. I like the fact that it ends a session with a simple click, and not a beep, I like that the controls are just four buttons. I trust that this gadget and I will be good friends!

Thanks again, cheers!

Martha Dahlen, CA, USA